Beverage and Bakery Options

At the Wilderness Lodge we have several selections for drinks and bakery options.  A fruit juice is included with every breakfast at the Wilderness Lodge and Iced Tea, Sweet Tea and water is served with every lunch and dinner.  If you would like additional beverage or bakery choices available, or beverages and snacks available for your guests during meetings, simply let us know when your event plans are finalized.

At Winnamocka we like to make planning easier on you.  If you will tell us your expected number of guests and beverage or bakery items you want available, we’ll take care of all the calculations for you.

Coffee $15 a gallon
Brewed Decaffeinated $15 a gallon
Hot Russian Spiced Tea $20 a gallon
Hot Apple Cider $20 a gallon
(Generally 1 gallon=20 servings)
Hot Tea $ .80 each
Hot Chocolate $ .80 each
Assorted Soft Drinks $1.00 per soda
Iced Tea $15 a gallon
Lemonade $15 a gallon
Milk $8 a gallon
(Generally 1 gallon=12-16 servings)
Fruit Juices:
Orange, Cranberry, Tomato, Apple, Pineapple $20 a gallon
Punch Varieties $15 a gallon
(Generally 1 gallon=20-22 servings)
Glass Rentals and Set-ups Available
Upon Request:
Wine Glasses $50 a night
Inquire about set-ups of Ice,
Limes, Cherries, Olives, etc.

From Our Bakery, Snacks

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls $17 a dozen
Sliced Breakfast Breads $10 a loaf
Danish Pastries $10 a dozen
Assorted Homemade Muffins
(Blueberry, Poppyseed, Banana Nut)
$15 a dozen
(Served with Fresh Strawberry Butter)
$15 a dozen
Ham or Sausage Biscuits $15 a dozen
Sausage Pastries $15 a dozen
Pigs in the Blanket $15 a dozen
Assorted Cookies
(Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Ranch Hand)
$10 a dozen
White Chocolate Chunk $15 a dozen
Monster Cookie $15.00
“Add on” to a Breakfast:
Cereal & Milk $2 a person
Whole Fresh Fruit $1 a person

All items are subject to the customary
15% gratuity and state/local taxes

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