Dessert Extravaganza

Davey’s Delights

Dutch Apple Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream

Red Cherry Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream

Winnamocka’s Favorite Chocolate Sheet Cake

Ranch Hand Cookies

Black Forest Cake with Cherry Topping

Fresh Fruit Cup

Fudge Brownies

Southern Banana Pudding

*Our wonderful Winnamocka desserts are included with every lunch and dinner. Our chefs choose the perfect dessert to compliment your meal. If you would like for your guests to have an extra Davey’s Delight selection, add $1 per guest. If additional or specific desserts are desired please let us know.

Daniel’s Delights

Naughty Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Key Lime Pie

Winnamocka’s Brownie Delight

Chocolate Mayo Cake

Frozen Strawberry Crunch

Four Layer Chocolate Pie

Yellow Layer Cake w/ Fudge Icing

Mississippi Mud Cake

Fresh Coconut Cake

Winnamocka’s Lemon Ice Box pie

$1 per guest in substitution for the Davey’s Delight served with your meal.


Crockett and Boones’ Favorites

Italian Crème Cake

Homemade Pecan Pie

New York Style Cheesecake w/ Raspberry or Chocolate Sauce

$2 per guest as a substitution for the Davey’s Delight served with your meal


*If there is a dessert you desire that is not included in our above selections, let us know. We haven’t met a dessert yet that we can’t make!


15% Gratuity and State/Local Sales Tax Not Included

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