Health and Safety

The health and safety of our campers, camp families, and staff are the top priority every summer.  Due to the current health issues related to COVID-19 we will be implementing several procedural changes to help our families feel comfortable sending children to our programs.

Pre-Camp Screening and Closing Day Changes

Just so our families know what to expect for 2020, we have new Opening Day check-in requirements (due to our state directives with our consultation). Camp Winnamocka opening and closing activities will look just a bit different this year, but this will enable us to limit contact with our facility.

Check-In/Check-Out Changes

In an effort to follow the CDC recommendations, the State of Arkansas directives, and to slow the spread of COVID-19, we have made the following changes to camper’s check-in and check-out procedures:

  1. ONLY CAMPERS will be allowed outside of their vehicle for drop-off. This is a state directive from the Governor and Department of Health.
  2. Before you check-in with Dex, there will be a health screening (original lice check included) in a tent as soon as you enter camp property. The general waiver and health screening forms are available at the bottom of this page. We encourage you to utilize the pre-screening form to monitor your child’s physical condition leading up to their camp session. PLEASE KNOW: IF THE NURSE MARKS “YES” ON ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS, YOUR CAMPER WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER CAMP. Please contact the camp office if you feel your camper may not be admitted, we will be glad to try finding a later session or issue a refund.
    • (PLEASE KNOW: If at any point during your camper’s stay they begin displaying symptoms of fever or coughing, they will be sent home immediately — you will receive a pro-rated refund)
    • This year (and hopefully only this year!) after your camper’s health screening at the front of camp (form released back in mid-April and available at the bottom of this page) the Winnamocka staff will direct cars directly to Fort Jackson to be welcomed by the ever-cheering Winnamocka Team.
    • Parents, if your child has medications our staff will greet you at your car at Fort Jackson to record any information and collect the medication. One of your camper’s counselors will be greeting you as you arrive. Again, ONLY the CAMPER may exit the vehicle.
    • Our staff will unload any trunks/luggage, and we will begin our amazing and much-needed week of Winnamocka!
    • Please know we have practiced and trained in this new check-in process. Please be very patient with us as we do our very best to welcome our campers in this new way this summer. Expect some wait time on entry, but know we are doing everything to make this process as smooth as possible.
    • We will be providing brand new BUFFS for all of our campers. The state is asking that children over 10 wear these cloth face coverings when required. These are not required to be worn during exercising, bathing, sleeping, or eating. Buffs were hugely popular at summer camp 2019, so add yours to your packing list for 2020!
    • Please visit and scroll down to Overnight Summer Camps for our recommendations and requirements.
  3. To limit hand-to-hand contact, if you haven’t already added money to your camper’s Trading Company account you have two options to add funds before check-in: Paypal or Venmo. Our Paypal account is and our Venmo account is campwinnamocka (all one word, all lowercase). Simply send the amount you wish for camper to have for their declining balance and put your camper(s) name(s) in the memo line. We recommend $25-$50 per camper, per week; anything your camper doesn’t spend will be refunded at the end of their session.
  4. For Check-Out, we are asking parents/guardians to remain in their vehicle upon arrival. A staff member will greet you at your vehicle and your camper will be brought out to you. They will already have their leftover money from their Jackson’s Trading Company account. We hope this will only be the case for Summer 2020 and this will not be a permanent change.

Screening While at CAMP

Counselors and Staff Support members will perform check-ups of campers while at camp.

Camper Hygiene

Hand Washing

Proper hand washing will be required before and after all meals.  This includes washing thoroughly for 20 seconds with anti-bacterial soap.  A new hand-washing station has been added out on the trails of Winnamocka so that campers and counselors can wash their hands between activities.

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers will be available around doors, at each activity and in every counselor’s med pack.  Our hand sanitizers meet the CDC standards of at least 62% alcohol.  Campers and counselors will be required to use the hand sanitizer before and after each activity. 

Wilderness Lodge Dining

All hands will be sanitized properly entering the Wilderness Lodge.

All Kitchimockas will wear CDC guidelines for PPE

All tables will be sanitized using the commercial grade disinfectant that is recommended.

We will not have an open salad bar or topping bar available, but instead will have a pre-packaged option, so campers will not be using the same utensils to serve themselves. 

Cabin and Facility Cleaning

We will be following excessive cleaning recommendations especially for bathrooms, bunk houses, door knobs, and light switches. 

What happens if my camper gets sick during our session?

Your camper will be taken to the first aid building with our first aid trained staff to be evaluated.  We will immediately take temperatures of your camper and he/she will receive a full evaluation.  For the summer of 2020, if any camper is symptomatic with any of the known signs of COVID-19 a parent will be expected to come pick up their camper.

Camp Families

Please let us know absolutely any questions.  We love our campers.  We love camp.  It will certainly be a bit different on Opening and Closing Day this year, so please have patience with us during these changes.  We are going to offer a wonderful summer camp season full of friendships, adventures, and a whole lot of “Akcomanniway!” 

For the CHECK-IN WAIVER for 2020 click here. (If you want to be ahead of the game, fill this out and bring with you to check-in.)

For the check-in nurse’s PRE-SCREENING check-in sheet click here.