Frequently Asked Questions

and Helpful Information

1. How do I know for sure my camper’s information has successfully been entered?

As soon as your application process is completed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know we have received your camper’s application. After approximately 3 business days you will receive an official email letting you know that we were able to process the application and your camper’s spot has been reserved.

2. When can I find out what cabin my camper is in?

Cabins are officially designated 2-3 weeks before the session begins. Upon arriving at the registration desk on check-in day our registration team will let you know your camper’s cabin. You may call or email a few weeks before camp if you are interested in finding out your camper’s cabin in advance. (ALL CORRESPONDENCE ABOUT CHECK-IN TIME AND BUNK ASSIGNMENTS ARE THROUGH OUR EMAIL SYSTEM. WHETHER YOU REGISTERED UPON EXITING CAMP LAST SUMMER OR REGISTERED ANYTIME AFTER THAT YOU WILL HAVE RECEIVED A CONFIRMATION EMAIL THAT TELLS YOUR CHECK-IN TIME. YOU ALSO WILL HAVE A BUNK EMAIL THAT TELLS WHETHER YOUR CAMPER RECEIVED A TOP OR BOTTOM BUNK.) PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO CONTACT US WITH ANY QUESTIONS!

3. Why are there different check-in times?

We have separate check-in times to control parking and make the check in process run smoother for both parents and campers.

4. What should I expect at check-in?

Parents and campers will arrive at Camp Winnamocka during your designated check-in time (either 2:30-4:30pm) and will find a Winnamocka staff member waiting to greet everyone at the gates. As soon as you enter Camp Winnamocka, parents will check-in with our registration team. Parents will sign a permission waiver and camper and parent will sign a “NO CELL PHONE WAIVER.” Campers, during check-in, will be checked for lice by our camp nurses. (PLEASE make sure your camper is lice free upon check-in. We cannot let a child enter camp if our camp nurses suspect any knits or hints of exposure to lice. This helps us avoid any problems at check-in. We do this for camp AND our camp families!) Next, you will pull around to Fort Jackson and find our welcoming and cheering camp counselors. Your child’s camp counselors will approach your car, introduce themselves, and unload your child’s luggage. You will also have the opportunity to check-in any medications with our staff. After your camper is unloaded and we have answered any questions you will be free to exit camp. If you are interested in seeing your camper’s cabin, shopping in our Trading Post, or exploring the grounds of Winnamocka, we have an opportunity to do this on Closing Day!

5. How do cabin and bunk requests work?

Campers will be placed in Fort Jackson’s awesome blockhouses (air-conditioned) according to their date of birth. If your camper has one or two cabin mate requests he/she may list their names during the application process. Top and bottom bunks are assigned upon CAMPER REGISTRATION – not check-in time. When initially signing up for camp if we have the top or bottom bunk requested available then we will give your camper his/her preference. If it is not available, then we cannot accommodate the request.

6. What is the Jackson’s Trading Company?

The JTC is a store in Fort Jackson where campers can purchase a variety of items while at camp. The store has a host of items to fit every camper’s imagination. Davy Crockett coonskin hats, camouflage, and Indian jewelry are always a favorite at Winnamocka. There are also camp T-shirts, shorts, canteens, water bottles, and much more. Our canteen is open at different times during the week with sport drinks, candy, and other small snacks. We create an account for each camper at the beginning of the week so that the camper is not responsible for keeping up with cash during the week. At the beginning of the week we schedule each cabin a trip to Jackson’s Trading Post so they can learn what all they can buy, how much they have in their account and have a little lesson on how to budget their money. It is recommended that you also cover this information with your child to make sure they understand that they DO have money in the camp store, and how much they have to spend.

7. How much money should I put in their personal account?

The amount of money you choose to put in the account is up to you. An average amount would be anywhere from $50 to $75. Any money that is not used is refunded at the end of the week. The counselors will explain the account system to the campers at the beginning of the week to help them learn to budget their money. The store will also be open during check-in and check-out so that parents may purchase items.

8. What is the Camparent Newsletter?

The Camparent Newsletter is a way for our camp to communicate to parents, family, and friends, who would like to log on to our website and see what their camper is doing during the week. For security reasons the newsletter is password protected but parents will receive a password upon check-in. The newsletter is updated daily with lists of the of the day’s events

9. How can I communicate with my camper?

Parents, family, and friends may send mail including letters and email (Bunknotes only) that are delivered every day around 4:30 except for days of check-in and check-out. Campers may send letters and postcards out which are delivered each day to the post office. Letters should be mailed to:

Camp Winnamocka
Attn: (Camper First and Last Name), (Cabin Name)
#68 Ft. Jackson Rd.
Arkadelphia, AR 71923

10. What are Bunknotes?

Bunknotes is a one-way email system that we utilize so that parents, family, and friends may send emails to their campers. The Bunknotes credits cost $1 but the security and convenience makes the system very useful for everyone. All of the emails from each day are compiled into one email document that separates each email by cabin so that we may distribute them more easily and quickly. The Bunknotes system also helps protect both our computers and your computers from viruses that are so often spread from emails. Bunknotes requires approval for safety and security reasons and there are two ways to receive approval. Upon check-in you will receive a pre-approved registration code that will allow you to skip the approval process, or you can apply for an approval code and we will manually authorize you into the system. To access Bunknotes, click on the blue link at the bottom of our website that says “Camper Email.”

11. What happens if my camper gets sick or is injured?

A first aid station is maintained at Jackson’s Trading Post to check any complaints of illness or bruises and to treat minor scratches, insect bites, etc. All Winnamocka Directors and Counselors are trained in American Red Cross or American Heart Association First Aid and CPR. Camp Winnamocka is just four miles away from our camp doctors at Arkadelphia Medical Clinic for Children and Young Adults and the Baptist Medical Center of Arkadelphia and can be reached in a matter of minutes.

12. How should I handle medications that my camper needs?

During check-in, a member of our management team, will be stationed at a table at Fort Jackson to take all medicines, dosages, and any other instructions. We choose to disperse all medications to ensure the safety of all of our campers. Medications such as inhalers and emergency kits are kept in a med-pack that the counselors have with them at all times so no camper is ever far from their medications.

13. What type of luggage should we use?

Any type of luggage is fine for camp including suitcases, footlockers, or storage boxes. Rubbermaid boxes are actually helpful especially the clear boxes that allow campers to see what is inside each box. If the camper has the shorter, rectangular boxes that are between 6 and 8 inches they can even be placed under the bunk beds for easy storage. Don’t forget shower caddies and bags for dirty clothes.

14. What type of bedding should we bring?

Each bunk bed is a normal twin size bed so anything from a set of sheets with a blanket to a sleeping bag will be fine.

15. What time is check-out?

Check out on closing day is 9-10am. Camp closes promptly at 10:00am so our team can prepare for the next group of campers.

16. How are my kids cared for and supervised during their camp experience? What kind of training does the staff receive?

This is my very favorite topic to share with parents. We are extremely proud of our team at Winnamocka. After a diligent application, interview process, personal and work-related background calls and an official U.S. background check (every single person at Winnamocka from our maintenance team to our Kitchimockas go through an official background check) only then can they begin the vigorous and lengthy training to be a Winnamocka counselor.
Every one of our counselors is certified in every aspect of camp and tested frequently. Not only do they go through over 36 hours of ropes training, 35 hours of Red Cross Lifeguard Training, CPR, AED and First Aid Training, they then have over 60 hours of staff training. During staff training they are taught, trained and tested in every situation of their interaction with your kids. Safety for our campers is covered and tested and re-tested and trained in every single activity and non-camp activity. Supervision and double coverage is practiced and applied at all times. We train in everything from bullying prevention, homesickness, fire, storm and tornado drills, to life skills such as positive reinforcement, responsibility, enhancing creativity and free play. We train in all areas of how to present positive life skills to our campers. We train in every aspect of being a team and respecting others. Most importantly we all set goals together about how we can have as great of a positive impact as we can in our one week together. Many of our goals revolve around mutual respect of each and every person at camp no matter our differences. We also love to help campers achieve a new sense of responsibility. Camp is an incredible place to safely grow as a person. With the help of our highly trained, amazing college counselors…it happens every summer.

17. Do you run background checks on your staff?

Each employee undergoes a complete background screening through Courthouse Concepts, a United States official background check company. The check includes Court Search Record, Social Security Trace, Sex Offender Registry Search Report and Nationwide Crime Index Report. We run background checks on every single person that works at Camp Winnamocka.

18. My child has a peanut allergy or is a celiac (extreme gluten intolerance). How does Winnamocka handle that?

We work individually with each camper that has a dietary or food allergy. PEANUT ALLERGIES: We do not cook anything in our camp kitchen that contains nuts. There is no peanut oil used. We do have a peanut butter and jelly station located at the far end of the Wilderness Lodge for some picky eaters that like to make a sandwich instead of having our hot meal. There are a few candy items in our camp store that contain peanuts. We communicate with parents of children with peanut allergies and keep a close eye on their camper to make sure they don’t come in contact with any nuts. Counselors carry the camper’s epi-pen in their med pack that is on them at ALL times. Each counselor is trained and tested in epi-pen use by the American Red Cross.

CELIAC: We need to know in advance if your child is a celiac. As long as we communicate prior to camp, we will have a special plate at each meal that we will serve to your camper as they go through the buffet line with their cabin. We will (as we do ALL our campers) know your child’s name and make certain they are getting their specific plate. We do not cross-contaminate a gluten- free meal. It is absolutely GLUTEN-FREE! It is a good idea for parents to pack a little grocery sack that they can check in on Opening Day that we can keep in the kitchen with gluten-free items such as cookies, cereal, and snacks.

19. Can my camper contact me during their camp experience?

Remember the wonderful skill of letter writing? Absolutely, this is the method we recommend and encourage! Make sure and include addresses, envelopes, and postage stamps so your camper can write letters home and to grandparents or friends. If your camper doesn’t have a stamp his/her counselor can help them get one in the camp store. At summer camp, if there is ANY situation that needs your attention (an illness or a homesick incident, etc.), you will hear from a director or staff support management team member immediately! If there is a need to contact you (our management team are extreme communicators–we like you to know what is going on) you will hear our voice on the other end of the phone. We don’t allow our campers to have cell phones or phone use at camp. The camp experience is about everything camp. It is NOT about texting and facebooking. It’s about visiting face to face with new-found friends. It’s about the life skills that so many are missing out on! Let’s do camp the right way!