Summer Camp

Camp Winnamocka offers an imagination-driven frontier adventure for boys and girls ages 7-15. Our small enrollment of 120 campers ensures our top-notch and well-trained counselors will help shape, challenge, and teach your kids about teamwork, positive attitudes, and friendships rooted in respect. Your child’s days will be spent facing-off against Blackbeard in one of our two full-size pirate ships, searching for hidden treasure, fending off an attack against Fort Crown Point, or hanging out in our very own Swiss Family Treehouse. There’s also blobbing and all sorts of fun and games to be enjoyed at Tom’s Swimming Hole, the Tropical Pool, or the Bermuda Triangle.

At Camp Winnamocka it’s always Challenge-By-Choice when your child takes on rock-wall climbing, funyak river trips, a 450 foot zipline, and one of the state’s top high ropes courses. Mealtime is a real treat as your child will enjoy delicious family-style meals in our beautiful log creation, The Wilderness Lodge. Your child’s nights will be filled with outdoor games, group skits, talent shows, theme dances, and authentic frontier-style bunking in Fort Jackson’s air-conditioned cabins. We also feature nightly newsletters for parents to log in and see what fun our kids have been experiencing.

Amazing Adventures

Have you ever dreamed of
discovering buried treasure?

Here’s your chance to experience the magic that only comes with childhood. Navigate the trails, swinging bridges, and Blackbeard the Pirate’s Cave in and around the Blue Lagoon. Attack a group of Pioneers (or are they really fellow campers) as they defend Fort Crown Point. It’s up to you to make your own wooden guns and ammunition.

Of course, you’ll enjoy the quest for buried treasure on treasure hunts. Memories will be made as you go funyaking on the Caddo River, feel the summer breeze as you bounce off the Blob into Lake Adirondack, or cool off in the Bermuda Triangle Pool and Tropical Pool. You’ll love Winnamocka’s waterslide called the G-Slide.  You can dance or, if you choose, visit with new found friends at theme dances.  Camp will be buzzing with the excitement of the incredible and famous Wednesday night games of 007 and 006!

Turn your imagination into reality, your adventures into self-confidence, and your summer into a special time of Magic, Friendship, and Fun that will remain a part of you for a lifetime.

This Summer You Might Just Find…
The Treasure Inside YOU!

  • Camp Winnamocka is a one week summer overnight camp
  • For children all over the United States and the world.
  • Family owned and operated
  • Private camp for boys and girls ages 7-15.
  • Small enrollment for campers (120) for a wonderful family atmosphere
  • First class facilities, wonderful staff, delicious meals
  • Non-competitive atmosphere
  • Our incredible Vision Statement sums Winnamocka up:

Our Team is like a bridge in that we trust each other to provide encouraging links of self-discipline, positive reinforcement, and responsibility while maintaining a fun atmosphere, bringing to our Winnamocka kids confidence through self discovery, friendships rooted in respect, and an attitude of good sportsmanship through teamwork and encouragement.