Dear Interested Winnamocka Campers, Families, and New Friends!


For those that have attended Winnamocka year after year “hello” and for those that are just now sparking an interest – we look forward to getting to know you! If I had words of advice it would be to read every single line of this website! There is loads of information to help you know us better. Next, get your registration and deposit in as soon as you can to get your first choice of sessions, first hour check-in time, and first choice of bunk (see Frequently Asked Questions). Finally, call us with any questions! We are here for you. No question is silly except the ones you do not ask! Read through the rest of the website and then follow the simple steps below to help you complete an easy registration!

How do I register?


Winnamocka uses online registration as a convenience for busy parents. Just go to the registration links below and click the link that applies to you.

If you’re a RETURNING CAMP FAMILY you’ll click the link that says “Parent Portal.” Then you’ll log in and find the blue button telling you to “Enroll your camper for 2024.”

If you’re a NEW CAMP FAMILY you’ll click the link that says “New Camper Enrollment” and follow the steps to fill out your camper’s information.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re camper is only interested in attending a session in a specific cabin, with a specific cabin-mate request, it’s probably best to contact the office to be sure the spot is available. If it is not available we would love to add your camper to our waiting list, so we can contact you if the spot your child wants becomes available. If you need any help at all or have any questions, please contact our office at 870-246-4599 or by email at

Following is a guide to make the registration process a bit easier.
Remember, if you have questions…

call or email anytime!

  1. Read, read, read to help you know us better. Check out the entire website if possible for more information. Ask us any questions!
  2. Decide what session or sessions are best for you and your child by looking over the schedule and other information on the Camp Info page.
  3. Be careful to complete the registration line by line to ensure we receive all the information we need.
  4. When the payment information button appears, figure up any recruiting rewards or discounts (only one per child, please). Add additional fees – if you would like to enclose additional monies for trading company deposit (your desired amount – we strongly suggest to include this before actual camp check-in.) Your total amount due for camp will be shown. A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 is required with the completed registration to secure a spot. Of course, if you would like to include more at this time you may.
  5. Next, make sure to read the permission box presented to you in the registration process. Check the permission box. You will later sign a hard copy at the check-in table with Dex upon arrival at camp.
  6. After completing online registration, your application will be sent directly to us to be processed. We personally review your camper’s application and hand-enter your camper into a cabin and bunk in the order we receive the applications. If there IS a problem with putting your camper into their appropriate age group cabin we will call you within three business days (hopefully sooner depending on the amount of apps we receive.)
  7. Look for a confirmation letter via email within three working days informing you that your camper is registered and has been assigned a bunk and a check-in time. If you do not receive a confirmation in three working days call us to make sure we received your registration application!
  8. Try to keep your sanity while campers bug you daily about how many weeks ’til camp. And, again, call us if you need us!

Until the games begin,

Niki, Dex, Cam & the rest of the Winnamocka Registration Crew


You may register online by clicking one of the secure links below.

Parent Portal Link

New Camper Enrollment Link

The Paypal and Venmo links at the bottom of our website cannot be used for registration fees. Paypal and Venmo can only be used for Jackson’s Trading Company or other store purchases.

Please Note: Camp Winnamocka limits the number of online registrations that it receives. If the session you are interested in appears closed to online registration simply call the office. There may still be room in some age groups!