2024 Camp Info

We want to give our Winnamocka families heads up on Summer 2024 Camp dates! There are a few exciting changes that the Winnamocka Team thought would be awesome additions to the summer of 2024.

We have had many planning sessions with staff and parents getting feedback about the summer of 2024 and just how we can make it better. We hope these dates will be helpful and decisions delightful in planning your summer schedules. We can’t wait!

We offer weekend stay-overs for most of our sessions if choosing more than one.

2024 Summer Camp Schedule

All prices include cost of cabin t-shirt so every camper will have a t-shirt!



Registration Fee

#1June 2 – 8$1400
#2June 9 – 15$1400
#3June 16 – 22$1400
#4June 23 – 29 $1400
#5June 30 – July 6$1400
#6July 7 – 13$1400
#7July 14 – 20$1400
#8July 21 – 27$1400
#9July 28 – August 3$1400

If you have pre-registered, you may request session transfers, but no transfers are guaranteed. We will do our best to accommodate any possible transfers. The deposit for all 2024 sessions is $200.00. This non-refundable registration fee must be paid to reserve a spot for any camp session. All balances must be paid in full before your camper’s session begins. (Please note the Paypal and Venmo links at the bottom of our website cannot be used for registration fees. Paypal and Venmo can only be used for Jackson’s Trading Company or other store purchases.)

Final payments for camp are due before your camper enters camp.

How Do I Register?

For registration questions, email our office at camp@winnamocka.com or
call (870) 246-4599.


(Only one discount applies per child)

  • The second child in the same family will be given a discount of $100.
  • Those attending two one-week sessions will be given a discount of $100.

Recruiting Rewards

Campers receive a credit toward their balance for every kid they sign up for Camp Winnamocka who has never attended before. If a camper signs up 12 new Winnamocka kids, camper attends camp free. Please visit with our directors for other recruiting incentives, discounts, or questions.

To take advantage of discounts and recruiting rewards, please call our number below to list recruited campers and receive adjusted balance.

Big & Lil Daddy T-Y Scholarship

Nominate a child for this memorial scholarship in the name of two of Winnamocka’s finest, Big Daddy T-Y Stricklin and Little Daddy T-Y McAnally.

Theme Dances

Each camp session we hold a Winnamocka Theme Dance! During the week various campers sign up as the decorating team and spend a bit of time after lunch each day creating decorations and invitations and gathering supplies for the theme dances.

On the night of the big event, campers and counselors scramble around to creatively dress for the occasion. Of course, normal camping attire (t-shirts and shorts) is always fine, however some campers and counselors like to add a bit of a flavor to the show by dressing up. We thought by letting our campers know the themes for each session in advance, they could bring outfits or costumes from home if desired! Sound good? This is very, very optional, but it sure is fun!

2024 Themes

  • Session 1: Jersey, Jersey, Jersey!
  • Session 2: Sharks and Dinosaurs!
  • Session 3: Gamer’s Gala!
  • Session 4: Minion Mash!
  • Session 5: Patriotic Pawty!
  • Session 6: Blackbeard’s Bash!
  • Session 7: Food Fiesta!
  • Session 8: Neon Night!
  • Session 9: Shrek Rave!