Meet the Staff

Team Winnamocka

Winnamocka Counselors are truly one of a kind. These people have the most wonderful hearts and have an imagination to match. You won’t see any of these standing on the sidelines of Winnamocka activities. They love to be involved. Our college students go beyond what is expected of them and live by the line, “Safety first, play second.” The demands of a 24 hour, seven day a week job is always rewarding for our counselors.

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Letter from the Director:

Dear Interested Camper and Family,

It is really important for me to describe what Camp Winnamocka means to me. I hope you have time to read the History of Winnamocka. It gives a certain background to the type of family that made this dreamland. Imagination is one of the most powerful tools for children and adults. I remember being 7, 8, 9 and up and coming home from school where the only choice was not what channel I was going to watch, but where in the world was I going today. I could be an Indian Princess and build my straw hut teepee, a Cruise Director on a pirate ship (this was when the Love Boat was a big hit) or an animal photographer deep in the Jungles of Africa.

This imagination is what I want to share with every one of my campers. So hence the goals at Winnamocka… To encourage and enhance the imagination of every child. At Winnamocka when imaginations soar you can see it in their eyes, in their smiles, and most importantly hear it in their laughter. For me this is the best part. Simply put, we want to bring them to a place where they can just relax, get dirty, have a blast, and get busy being a kid.

The programming, activities, goals, and even mealtimes at Winnamocka reflect experiences I had as a kid. When I was in first grade I was extremely nervous about eating in the cafeteria because of the noise, and quite frankly the food wasn’t that hot either. At Winnamocka the hot meals are deee-licious, and the atmosphere pleasant where we eat family style at round tables with real plates – no trays!

My team and I absolutely love what we do. It shows every hour of every day in everything that we do at Winnamocka. I expect the very best out of my team members here at Winnamocka. We would love to share this summer with someone in your family. If you have questions about programming, safety, activities, or just motherly or fatherly concerns or questions you can call me anytime at the Winnamocka number listed on the opening page. I would love to talk with you and answer any questions and hope you can experience a Winnamocka summer.

Sincerely from Fort Jackson,
Niki Ranchino, Director

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Niki Ranchino

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Drew “Dex” Dexter

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Cameron “Cam” Gilmore