Care Packages

Dear Winnamocka Families,

We have decided to implement a change for this upcoming summer, and we’d like you to discuss it with your children to prepare them and manage expectations. After much discussion with our staff, a variety of camper parents, and other summer camp directors, we’ve decided to implement a new package policy this summer.

Our conversations with each group above revolved around just a few key pieces of information:

  1. Some of our campers receive many packages while some receive none at all. There are various reasons why this happens, but it still creates a sense of competition and “have and have-nots.” Camp should be a community where each camper feels they are valued and treated equally.
  2. This is not only a health concern, due to food allergies, it is also a safety concern as we know food draws bugs and critters into cabins. Campers receive balanced meals with many options, as well as having the option to purchase snacks each day. (Sending these items to camp by hiding them in packages teaches our campers the rules do not apply to them or their parents.)
  3. We have discovered that most of the waste, litter, and rubbish generated in our cabins come from the contents and shipping materials of care packages. Many parents have told us it is expensive and burdensome to fill/mail packages with items their campers ask to be sent, yet they feel pressured to do so. We would like to better model sustainable living by not consuming as much in such a wasteful way.

Guidelines and Suggestions:

  1. We will allow 1 package per week your child is at camp. We will keep a running list of who has received a package. Once your camper has received their allotted package, any other packages sent will be kept in our office for the duration of their stay and handed to their guardian at check-out.
  2. We will allow an unlimited number of large flat envelopes up to 12”x15” for magazines, photos, or books, no more than 1” thick. Lumpy envelopes more than 1” thick will count as a package.
  3. Campers celebrating a birthday at camp receive a birthday cookie and a celebration at meal-time. Celebrating a birthday is special and unique at camp, but we do not believe it’s necessary to celebrate with an extra package. Parents are welcome to provide a birthday treat for the entire cabin, if they so desire.
  4. Should you forget to send your child with an item (I.E. sandals or a tooth brush), exceptions will be granted on a case-by-case basis. This can be coordinated directly with the Winnamocka directors.

To avoid potential frustration, please share this policy with your camper, other family members and friends, and grandparents. We encourage you to send an occasional book, magazine, or gift but remember that an interesting and interested letter or email is the best ‘care package.’ You can send emails through your Bunk1 account. This new policy puts us in line with the policies of many other camps. We hope you agree that this is a positive change, and we are grateful for your cooperation. Thank you in advance for helping us make what we believe will be a positive change for our Winnamocka campers.

From Fort Jackson,

Niki, Jordan, Dex & the rest of the Winnamocka Crew