Seating Capacity

lodge_layoutSeating Capacity of The Wilderness Lodge



Sawyer’s Hall

Finn’s Den

The Wilderness Lodge

Seated Dinner









200 +

These are recommended numbers.  We can accommodate more; however, these are our recommendations for room and comfort.

Decks lining the front of The Wilderness Lodge stretch out over a thirteen-acre lake.  During nice weather guests can take advantage of the decks for dancing, dining, or relaxing to extend the capacity of The Wilderness Lodge.

For seated parties of 125 or less we generally use round tables draped with red tablecloths.  For larger parties banquet style tables are used.  If your party, dinner, or seminar requires a specific seating arrangement such as a head table, certain table arrangement, or place cards simply let us know when plans are finalized and everything will be in place at your arrival.

We have access to several wonderful florists in the area.  If you would like a particular theme, certain centerpieces, or flower arrangements we can recommend florists to provide these decorations to accent your event.

If you need suggestions or recommendations for your event we would love to help!

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