Fotaflow Picture Packages

How It Works

Our trained camp photographers will be set up in safe photo zones capturing the campers in action as they enjoy all that Camp Winnamocka has to offer. To showcase your camper’s personal experience, photos taken will be organized by specific cabins and you can see your camper along with their cabin mates making memories throughout the week. The photos will be added to your package multiple times a day so that you can see their activities moments after they happen!

How to Order

When you drop your camper off on Opening Day of their session, before you even arrive home (at the latest 4pm of Opening Day) there will be an email sent to your preferred email on your camper’s account about our picture system, Fotaflo.  It will have all instructions to sign up for the Fotaflo pictures, explaining every feature!

If you have any questions about our new photo system, please don’t hesitate to call us! We are here for you!

Contact us by phone or e-mail

Phone:(870) 246-4599



Q: How many photos will I get?

A: The number of photos certainly fluctuates but in the last two years we have averaged over 500 pictures per custom photo package.

Q: How do I know that I will get pictures of my camper?

A: We arrange the pictures by cabin. You will receive a tailored set of photos that will guarantee pictures of your camper, their cabin mates, and all Winnamocka group activities! We also have a Winnamocka staff member that is solely dedicated to getting pics of every camper every day!

Q: If I send more than one camper per session will I have to purchase a package for each of them?

A: Absolutely not! If you purchase one package it works for all siblings regardless of which cabins they are in.

Q: How will I receive the photos? Will it be on a CD or will I get a physical album at the end of the session?

A: On opening day of your camper’s session you will receive an email from Winnamocka with a link for a website. The link will update with photos in real time as we take them! Sometimes there is a delay because we do not have wi-fi across all of our lands! From there you can save and print!

Q: Can I share the photos with family and friends?

A: Absolutely! We encourage it! It is as easy as forwarding the link to family and friends!

Q: If I am having technical problems is there someone that can help me?

A: Fotaflo is a third-party company that is fully equipped with multiple forms of technical support that includes email, phone, and LIVE chat! It is as easy as clicking a button on your viewing screen when looking at an album!

Q: How do I purchase the Fotaflo photo packages?

A: Call or email us at 870.246.4599 or